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Hi! I'm Justine!

I know, total surprise!


I’m the mom of two beautiful children, Maria and Ellie. Odds are if you follow my work you've seen images of them!


I’m a coffee junkie, antique shop addict and lover of tall grass and sunsets. 

Photography has been something I've always been passionate for, something that I've always felt natural doing. I love capturing memories for families to forever cherish. 

I specialize in all things bump to baby as well as family sessions, and a few weddings here and there and boudoir sessions as well for something more spicy.

I will laugh a lot, making silly faces, sing songs and make noises to get your kiddos to laugh. I love nothing more than making families seem at ease. I want my sessions to be fun and effortless. And for the most part, they are!

My goal as a photographer is to capture families just being themselves. All moments. The quiet ones, the loud ones, the happy ones and the sweet ones. Every single thing that makes you a family, that’s what I want to capture. 

I’m a sunset junkie. In the summer, I’ll beg each and every one of you to put the kiddos down for late naps so you can meet me for our session after bed time so we can soak up every last minute of the glorious golden light. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later. 

Well that's all I've got, I look forward to seeing you in front of my camera <3

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